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Will Obama transform the American workplace?

Nic Paton | 06 November 2008

It may still be two months before he is sworn in, but President-elect Barack Obama could prove a transformational leader when it comes to reform of the American workplace.

Gen Y gets a recession reality check

Nic Paton | 23 October 2008

Work-life balance is another casualty of the downturn, with college graduates reporting being pushed to work harder, come in earlier and stay later.

Too many mobiles?

Derek Torres | 22 October 2008

I'm no Luddite, but I'm not glad to see that mobile phones are outselling desk phones for the workplace.

The office. A child-free zone?

Derek Torres | 22 September 2008

One discussion about Sarah Palin I've found interesting is the revelation that she sometimes brings her youngest child into the office.

Want to lead a normal life?

Bryan Alaspa | 17 September 2008

In most offices, the general rule is that you work twice as hard as the guy sitting next to you. Well, what if you aren't wired that way? What if you just happen to get your work done and want to take a little time to stretch and relax? Hey, what if you just want a normal life?

Australians shun the barbie to stay late at the office

Nic Paton | 28 August 2008

On TV they're always be hanging about the barbie in shorts, but in reality Australian managers work harder and for longer - and suffer more illness than their counterparts in the UK.

Job woes fuelling Blackberry breaks

Nic Paton | 17 July 2008

Whether it's because they are worried about redundancy or simply fear they won't be missed, this summer will see more managers than ever 'working flexibly' on the beach.

UK workers shunning cars as fuel prices bite

Nic Paton | 12 June 2008

With fuel prices at a record high, more and more British workers are looking at ways of getting to work other than by car, with some even considering moving jobs to be closer to home.

UK women give IT the thumbs-down

Derek Torres | 23 April 2008

There's growing discontent in the British IT workplace, according to an English on-line job placement service, and it's an important bit of news for everyone.

Too many managers abusing their positions

Nic Paton | 09 April 2008

Half of American workers believe their boss regularly abuses his or her position to take time off during the working day, while keeping everyone else chained to their desks.

Duvet days are a sign of being over worked not work-shy

Nic Paton | 02 April 2008

U.S. workers take duvet days not because they are lazy or work-shy but because they are either feeling completely burnt out or frantically dealing with a family or relationship crisis.

The future of work. At home, looking after grandma

Nic Paton | 14 March 2008

Forget about juggling work and kids. The biggest challenge for workers over the next decade will be holding down a job while looking after ageing relatives.

Flexible working does not mean being work shy

Nic Paton | 11 January 2008

When most Americans say they want better work-life balance they aren't asking to take their foot off the career accelerator, they simply want to work differently.

Americans demand better work-life balance

Nic Paton | 04 January 2008

Amid all the predictions of economic doom and gloom for 2008, you might have thought that American workers would want to be seen spending time in the office. But not a bit of it.

Attraction of flexible working ignored by HR

Nic Paton | 08 November 2007

It's not rocket science. When employees are deciding whether or not to take a new job, being able to work flexibly or remotely will often swing the balance. But try telling that to HR.

Getting a grip on my workload

Cali Williams Yost | 17 October 2007

Every time Diane tries to figure out a better work-life balance, she hits the same brick wall: the unbelievable amount of work she has to do. Cali Yost has some tips to help her get to grips with an all-too common dilemma.

Averting a generation war

Cali Williams Yost | 20 August 2007

A new crop of college hires has started at Donna's company and they seem to have unrealistic expectations about the amount of time they are going to have for their life outside of work. How can she avoid a clash of generations?

EU pushes for daddy day care

Derek Torres | 07 August 2007

Is a new era of daddy day care upon us? European Commissioners are looking for new ways to close the pay gap within the EU and encouraging fathers to spend more time at home with the children is high on their list of priorities.

Vacations 101

Derek Torres | 16 July 2007

Perhaps it's time to introduce a new class – a required course – called Vacations 101 in universities across North America. It would be a good idea to remind new recruits that while working hard and going a good job is important, so is time for self and family, as well thinking about your health – both mental and physical.

In defence of proper holidays

Charles Helliwell | 22 June 2007

As the laws of physics state, if you stress anything for long enough, it will break - and that includes the human spirit. Which is why it is so important that on holiday, we get away from the office - and everything connected with it.

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