Leadership talent for decision-making

What Matters | 19 Feb 2024

A conversation with Aaron Mitchell Finegold, Chief Marketing Officer of global executive search firm, Kingsley Gate.

Julia Milner on micromanagement

What Matters | 15 Nov 2023

We talk to Julia Milner, a Professor of Leadership at EDHEC Business School, about the problems of micro-management and how employees can avoid it and deal with it.

Exploring the Enneagram with Karl Hebenstreit

What Matters | 18 Oct 2023

In this episode, we explore the Enneagram with Karl Hebenstreit, author of "The How & Why: Taking Care of Business with the Enneagram".

Keeping your seat at the table

What Matters | 11 Sep 2023

If you are a woman over 40 and feel that you can't land a job despite your experience and qualifications, this interview with author Nori Jabba is for you.

Working with Influence

What Matters | 05 Sep 2022

A conversation with Dr Amanda Nimon-Peters about her new book, Working With Influence: Nine principles of persuasion to accelerate your career.

Purposeful People

What Matters | 26 May 2021

A conversation with Chris Paton about the new book, Purposeful People, an anthology of 19 different personal stories about what it means to live a purpose-driven life.

Training's new normal

What Matters | 07 Apr 2021

We explore how the pandemic has transformed the delivery of training and development with corporate learning experts Jane Rexworthy and Nigel Paine.

Jeff Schwartz and the future of work

What Matters | 12 Feb 2021

We talk to Jeff Schwartz, a founding partner of Deloitte Consulting's Future of Work practice, about his new book, "Work Disrupted: Opportunity, Resilience, and Growth in the Accelerated Future of Work".

The long distance teammate

What Matters | 19 Jan 2021

We talk to Wayne Turmel about his brand new book, ďThe Long-Distance TeammateĒ, and how you can become a really effective member of a remote team.

Re-skill, re-deploy

What Matters | 22 Oct 2020

Sandra Kelly, UK Director of People 1st International, and Michael Wood, Head of Health Economic Partnerships at the NHS Confederation, discuss the ways that staff from hospitality, travel & tourism can redeploy their skills in the health and social care sectors.

A conversation with Dr Rainer Zitelmann

What Matters | 13 Oct 2020

A conversation with historian and sociologist Dr. Rainer Zitelmann, about his new book "The Art of a Successful Life", exploring how we can all benefit from reading more and how to survive these testing times.

Rosie Tomkins and natural intelligence

What Matters | 09 Jul 2020

A conversation with leadership coach, Rosie Tomkins, about her new book "N-stinctive: The Power of Natural Intelligence" and the lessons all of us can learn from the natural world.

Looking beyond the pandemic

What Matters | 06 May 2020

A conversation with Sandra Kelly, UK director of People 1st International, and corporate learning specialist, Nigel Paine, about the ways employers are supporting their people during the Covid-19 crisis and what HR and L&D professionals can do to prepare for the future.

Mental health and the Covid pandemic

What Matters | 06 May 2020

We talk to business psychologist, Emily Cooke, about the mental health implications of the Covid-19 crisis and the mass move to home working and find out how an app can help support us.

The remote working revolution

What Matters | 14 Apr 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing millions of people to work remotely, who better to talk to about the implications of this sudden workplace revolution than Wayne Turmel, one of the early champions of remote working .

A chat with Deepa Prahalad

What Matters | 04 Sep 2018

Innovation and design strategist, Deepa Prahalad, shares with us her passion for emerging markets and social innovation and explains the work of the global initiatives established in memory of her late father, the renowned management thinker and academic, C.K. Prahalad.

Long Distance Leadership

What Matters | 31 Jul 2018

We talk to our old friend and long-time Management-Issues columnist, Wayne Turmel, about his book "The Long Distance Leader - Rules for Remarkable Long Distance Leadership".

The Business of Sleep

What Matters | 23 Jul 2018

Talking about sleep with Vicki Culpin, author of "The Business of Sleep", who has spent nearly 20 years researching the effects of reduced sleep and its relationship with productivity, employee wellbeing and effectiveness.

The Power of Neuro-Agility

What Matters | 23 Jul 2018

We talk to author and coach Carole Gaskell about neuro-agility - what it is, how it helps people do things simpler, better and faster and how it helps us acquire new skills, attitudes and behaviours.

Exploring charisma

What Matters | 31 Oct 2017

There is a stereotypical image that a charismatic leader is a confident extrovert. But as we find out from Nikki Owen, author of "Charismatic to the Core", you don't have to shout or show off to be charismatic.