Balancing act

22 Dec 2014

Members of a team that Maggie managed until recently have been complaining to her about their new boss and asking her to come back as their director. Should she share this feedback with the new director?

How do I handle my nit-picking negative boss?

23 Jul 2014

Bill's boss focuses only on the negative, dishing out a regular diet of nit-picking criticism that is as demoralizing as it is unfair. Coach Chris Welford explains how he can break the pattern by doing something different.

From adversary to teammate

06 Jan 2014

Sanjay is being driven to distraction by his boss who he feels has perfected the art of 'harassment by procrastination'. But as Dawna Jones suggests, perhaps Sanjay should view this difficult relationship as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than a source of frustration.

Flexible jealousy

21 Nov 2013

This month, the old 'inputs vs outputs' question rears its head again in respect to flexible working. But as Chris Welford points out, it is delivery that counts, not the slavish adherence to a system or timetable.

My manager is my friend - and she's not doing her job

02 Sep 2013

Having a manager who is also a personal friend is one thing. Having a manager who is personal friend but who isn't doing her job properly is quite another. This month, Ian Day has some advice for someone caught up in just such an awkward position.

How can I work in this vacuum?

05 Jun 2013

This month, advice for someone who has been left working on a project with no official supervision, an absentee manager and a co-worker who seems unable to cope.

Am I being undermined?

19 Mar 2013

This month, some expert advice for a manager in a small business who feels that both her staff and her boss are undermining her authority and making it hard for her to do her job.

Making the connection

03 Dec 2012

This month, psychologist and coach Chris Welford explores the importance of emotional connections as he offers some advice for a manager whose is struggling to get her team to understand what it is she does as a manager.

Getting to the root cause

15 Nov 2012

This month, Peter Vajda has some advice for a manger who has taken time off work for medical reasons and find that she is having issues with staff morale and attitudes on her return.

Between a rock and a hard place

23 Apr 2012

When one manager tells you one thing and another says precisely the opposite, what can you do? In this month's advice clinic, Peter Vajda suggests a course of action for someone caught in the middle of just such a situation.

A political dilemma

05 Apr 2012

As the only woman on a board of directors, Helen feels a strong aversion to socialising with her colleagues on golfing days and wine-tasting sessions. But as Mary-Louise Angoujard explains, this is all about organisational politics, not gender.

Help me to move on

23 Dec 2011

This month, Peter Vajda offers some advice about the difference between being likable and needing to be liked, and what that means in the workplace. As he explains, almost everyone wants to be liked. But you can't build a career solely around being liked.

Nurturing talent?

08 Dec 2011

A member of Richard's IT team is keen to expand her capabilities and is spending time on projects not formally within the scope of her job. Her supervisor sees this as a problem. But Steve Huxham's advice is to view this in the context of good talent management strategy.

Choking on her own venom

20 Jul 2011

When men are out of balance and disconnected to their personal power they resort to aggression and violence. When women are out of touch with their personal power, they resort to control and manipulation - which is exactly what Gareth's boss is doing. So how can he deal with her?

How can I fix this relationship?

30 Mar 2011

Ellen is enjoying her new job Ė or at least she was until she refused to go out for a drink with her manager. Now his behaviour has become angry and aggressive and is causing her real concern. Peter Vajda suggests an approach to defuse the situation without 'going nuclear'.

How do I draw the line?

22 Oct 2010

Connie manages two other people, one of whom is distracted, unproductive and unfocused - and she's had little success in trying to change this behavior. Dan Bobinski maps out a management strategy with a better chnace of success.

Dealing with an indiscreet boss

03 Aug 2010

Laura's ultimate boss has a habit of discussing personnel issues about her in public places with others present - despite her asking him not to. Charles Helliwell suggests that this is something she needs to deal with quickly and decisively.

Who should be the boss?

20 May 2010

Gina and a colleague work closely as equals. But as their company changes, their positions are not fitting well into the organizational charts. One needs to become the manager of the other. But which one? Charles Helliwell has a creative solution.

How do I deal with my duplicitous boss?

19 Apr 2010

Andrea's boss is untrustworthy, scheming and incompetent with an over-inflated opinion of her own abilities. But she is also politically savvy and popular with senior management. Charles Helliwell has some suggestions for handling a difficult situation.

I've inherited a dysfunctional team!

07 Apr 2010

Sarah is the new supervisor of a small team with more than its fair share of problems. Chales Helliwell has some advice on how she should start the rebuilding process.