Wake up to the omniployment era

17 Jan 2024

New research from Henley Business School explores the different and diverse groups in today's workplace and the elements that attract or dissuade them from applying to a job.

Financial worries fuel rise in mental heath issues

10 Oct 2023

On World Mental Health Day, here are some simple initiatives to help support mental wellness in the workplace.

Employers respond to staff demands for more benefits and flexibility

09 Oct 2023

Despite pressure on budgets, the majority of UK employers are responding to staff demands for an expansion of benefits and flexible working.

A quarter of UK employees don’t feel they have a voice in their organisation

06 Oct 2023

A quarter of UK employees don’t feel they have a voice in their organisation or that their employer encourages or listens to feedback from staff, new research has found.

Stress and financial pressure undermine employee well-being

05 Oct 2023

Amid financial pressures and budget cuts, more than a third of workers in the UK have experiencing adverse effects from job-related stress.

Employees reject workplace monitoring

04 Oct 2023

More than two-thirds of people in the UK find the idea of being monitored in the workplace intrusive, according to new research.

Whistleblowing policies undermined by poor training

28 Sep 2023

For all the talk about protecting whistleblowers and encouraging a ‘speak up’ culture, new research has found a lack of awareness and training within many organisations around how to deal with whistleblowing.

Third sector under pressure as employees quit to find higher paid jobs

26 Sep 2023

Over half of employees working in the UK voluntary sector have left in search of higher paid jobs in other industries, new research suggests.

Cyber leaders worry that AI will overwhelm cyber defences

25 Sep 2023

The overwhelming majority of cybersecurity leaders believe that AI in the wrong hands will outpace cyber defences, according to new research.

Most employees have an unhealthy relationship with work

21 Sep 2023

A study across 12 countries reveals that many employees feel their relationship with work is at a breaking point, to the detriment of their mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Two-thirds of UK employees lack connection and belonging in their jobs

19 Sep 2023

Over two thirds of employees in the UK don't feel a sense of connection and belonging at work and almost a quarter often find work a lonely experience.

Employees demand more support for staff undergoing fertility treatment

14 Sep 2023

One in five UK workers undergoing fertility treatment have quit their job due to the way they were treated, new research has found.

Half of Gen Z workers claim they work better alone

13 Sep 2023

Over a third of Gen Z professionals say they don’t like working in a team environment, with half saying that they work better alone.

Slow progress in reducing the UK's gender pay gap

13 Sep 2023

While the UK's gender pay gap has reduced by little more than two percent over the past six years, figures also show a rise in the proportion of women in higher paid roles.

Brought down by the post-holiday blues

08 Sep 2023

Post-holiday blues are sweeping the UK. New research has found that it takes, on average, just over one working day for all of the relaxation and joy from a holiday to disappear.

Managing tomorrow’s flexible workforce

12 Nov 2020

As companies increasingly source talent for specific pieces of work, how can they manage an increasingly complex 'quantum' workforce?

Returning to work: what do employees actually want?

21 Sep 2020

What are offices going to look like in a post-pandemic world? How can they become safe and productive spaces?

Can employers demand staff take a COVID-19 test?

18 Aug 2020

Could a compulsory Covid-19 test become part of our regular working routine? In this Q&A, we ask two UK lawyers about the complex legal issues employers need to consider.

Staying afloat: USA Weightlifting

14 Aug 2020

USA Weightlifting’s CEO, Phil Andrews, explains how his organisation has managed to stay afloat during the pandemic.

6 out 10 worry about returning to work

05 Jun 2020

As many as six out of 10 employees in the UK who are now working from home are nervous about the prospect of having to go back to their usual workplace after the lockdown is lifted, a new survey has found.