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Dont Be A Cant - A Manual for Happiness

Frank Bastow

Dont Be A Cant attempts to cover an entire ethos for life, in this case, taking responsibility for your own happiness. It is Frank Bastow's first book, and the first book I've read that comes with a money-back guarantee if you don't get anything out of it!

Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership

Sarah Alexander

This book provides a completely different approach to leadership in the 21st century. I'm not spiritual, never have been, but this was one of those books I just could not put down because it explores so many aspects of what we need to flourish in our own lives as well as in our leadership positions.


Olav Massen, Chris Matts, Chris Geary

Your project has hit a bottleneck, the team is spread too thinly and Gant charts aren't helping. Do you through up your hands in despair? Or pick up a copy of 'Commitment - A Novel About Managing Project Risk'? Which option sounds better?

Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks: One CEO's Quest for Meaning and Authenticity

August Turak

As its title suggests, this is not your typical business book. But in showing that Trappist principles can be successfully applied to a variety of worldly business settings, it can inspire thoughtful leaders to evaluate their current approach to management and strategy.

Extreme Trust: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers

Extreme Trust is another important contribution to the betterment of management thinking from the team of Peppers and Rogers., who argue that businesses must deliberately act to protect the interests of customers proactively, before they have a chance to spread negative buzz.

Light Footprint Management

Charles-Edouard Bouée

Light Footprint Management draws inspiration from two unconventional sources; Barack Obama's 'light footprint' military doctrine, and what the author has elsewhere called China's 'management revolution,' discussing how both have evolved as responses to our often complex and turbulent world.

Adaptability: The Art of Winning in an Age of Uncertainty

Max McKeown

In a fast-changing world, the ability to adapt quickly to any situation is becoming a vital asset for everyone. Adaptability tells you all you need to know about the art of strategy in a series of powerful survival rules and lessons from 50 top brands.

Faire la trace

Rémi Engelbrecht

'Faire la trace', by Rémi Engelbrecht, contains seven lessons for managers which can be learnt from guiding aspiring climbers in the European Alps. The author is both a qualified, alpine mountain guide and a management consultant so he writes with authority.

Embedded Sustainability - the Next Big Competitive Advantage

Chris Laszlo and Nadya Zhexembayeva

Sustainability has moved from being the 'right thing to do' to being the optimal driver of business strategy. This book articulates the drivers for innovation and how to practically think through and then act to embed sustainability into your organization's DNA.

A Brief Guide to Cloud Computing

Christopher Barnatt

If you want to know what lies behind all the hype about cloud computing and what it means for your business but don't want to be blinded by technical detail, this surprisingly readable book by Christopher Barnatt is a great place to start.

Brilliant Email

Monica Seeley

Coping with a constant stream of emails - in my case up to 150 a day - is a major part of the burden of office life. At fault was my failure to manage them - and this book provides an answer to that email overload.

The Best Practices Enterprise

James M. Kerr

This book demystifies seven essential business programs (or, best practices) needed for improving performance and delivering lasting results within today's competitive backdrop.

How to Get Your Ideas Adopted

Anne Miller

The process of innovation is like a board game in which a large number of squares say things like 'miss a go' or 'go back three spaces'. This guide will help players avoid those squares and to land instead on those that read 'take another turn'.

Trust Unwrapped

Dan Collins & David Thompson

Trust Unwrapped is a story about integrity, trust and chocolate, a rather unusual formula. It also differs from most business manuals in being more fun to read and more concise.

The Truth about Innovation

Max McKeown

What is innovation? How does it happen? How can businesses encourage innovation? Is it possible to create a culture of innovation? How do you move from an idea to an insight to an innovation?

Follow the Yellow Brick Road: A Harvard Psychologist's Guide to Becoming a Superstar

Dr Myra White

How do ordinary people like Richard Branson, Jack Welch or Warren Buffett become superstars? What do they do that catapults them to the top while others struggle valiantly but achieve only moderate success?

What To Do When You Become The Boss

Bob Selden

Despite the obvious impact an ineffective manager has on an organisation's profitability, many still pay little attention to supporting new managers, particularly in their first supervisory role. This book could be the answer.

How to Manage in a Flat World

Susan Bloch & Philip Whiteley

Increasingly, people are asked to be members of a virtual team – or multiple teams. But as this book asks, how well suited are human beings to working in teams that stretch across a dozen time zones?

Managing Virtual Teams: Getting the Most from Wikis, Blogs, and Other Collaborative Tools

Brenda Huettner, M. Katherine Brown and Char James-Tanny

How do you manage people you don't see every day, may never actually have met in person and who may be working not just in different cities, but on different continents?

Career Helium

David Thompson

Career Helium is a modern-day fable thats helps the reader to understand the implicit rules that determine what it takes to succeed in the world of business. Dr Rob Yeung, Director of leadership consulting firm Talentspace, has been reading it.

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