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I've inherited a dysfunctional team!

Charles Helliwell | 07 April 2010

Sarah is the new supervisor of a small team with more than its fair share of problems. Chales Helliwell has some advice on how she should start the rebuilding process.

How to handle the boss from hell

Charles Helliwell | 07 April 2010

Quixotic, inconsistent, obstructive and harassing, Nathan's boss seems to be out of control. And as Charles Helliwell explains, dealing with him will require making some tough decisions.

How do I earn respect?

Rob Yeung | 27 January 2010

Simon has a new job managing a small team. Everyone is on board except one very employee who is rude, disrespectful and seems determined to cause problems. Workplace psychologist Dr Rob Yeung has some timely advice to turn the situation around.

Blood is thicker than water

Charles Helliwell | 19 November 2009

Alison is a long-time employee of a family-owned company. But she has fallen foul of the owner's daughter, whose management style leaves much to be desired. Charles Helliwell spells out what her options are now.

The wrong background?

Michelle Brailsford | 18 November 2009

Mary has recently been promoted into a senior role within an all-male technical team. But with a background in sales, her colleagues seem to have little respect for her opinions and criticize her for a lack of technical knowledge. What can she do?

My team is dysfunctional: help!

Myra White | 07 August 2009

Louisa's teams spend too much time backstabbing and finding reasons to complain. All her attempts to get their behaviour back on track fail. 'I could really use some help,' she says.

How do I act "more senior"?

Ruth Spellman | 07 August 2009

Jane keeps being told by her boss to be 'more senior' yet when questioned as to what this means receives simply a shrug. She asks what she can do to give the impression that she is more senior.

Dealing with a backstabber

Charles Helliwell | 20 May 2009

Harry has landed his dream job. But his task of implementing change is being undermined by an aggressive, back-stabbing colleague who seems determined to resist all of Harry's initiatives and who even their mutual boss is unable to control. What can he do?

How do I manage on a budget?

Charles Helliwell | 20 May 2009

Anne is a newly-appointed department manager at a community college. With a demoralised skeleton staff and severe budget issues, she is already disheartened. Charles Helliwell has some advice to help her build morale and start to manage effectively.

She's a nightmare – but irreplaceable

Dan Bobinski | 20 April 2009

One of David's employees generates around 30% of his company's sales. But she is a nightmare to work with, alienating colleagues and poisoning the atmosphere. Dan Bobinski suggests how to deal with the situation.

When the boss crosses the line

Charles Helliwell | 22 December 2008

Kate works as an assistant to eight people. All are demanding, but one crosses the line between the professional and personal and acts like a jerk when she asks him not to. Charles Helliwell has some advice on dealing with him.


Charles Helliwell | 21 December 2008

One of Carla's direct reports has directly challenged her management style and decision-making – and done so in writing. How should she react? Charles Helliwell scopes out a course of action.

Letting the side down

Dan Bobinski | 09 December 2008

One of the staff Paul manages doesn't pull his weight, is always coming up with excuses for time off and now clams to have picked up an injury. Something needs to be done – but what?

An impossible position?

Laura Crawshaw | 24 November 2008

Kelly's CEO is a bullying, sociopathic micro-manager who makes life hell for everyone. With nobody to turn to for redress, is there any way she can end her suffering? The Boss Whisperer, Laura Crawshaw, has some frank advice.

A cultural conundrum

Penny de Valk | 01 October 2008

Robert moved from the UK to a management job in China a year ago. While things went well at first, one of his team has recently been openly challenging his working-style and being dismissive of his decisions. What should he do?

The games people play

Charles Helliwell | 29 September 2008

Promoted into a new role, Mary has come up against a subordinate who wants to make her look as bad as possible. The trouble is, she is also a favourite of Mary's boss. What can she do? Charles Helliwell has some suggestions.

A bad beginning

Max McKeown | 19 September 2008

Carla has just started a senior government job to find herself with a deputy who was passed over for the same job. He is hurt, angry and causing trouble. Is there anything she can do salvage the situation? Max McKeown thinks there is.

Teaching an old dog new tricks

Myra White | 12 September 2008

Mary has been promoted to head up her company's career development function. The trouble is, her VP doesn't see the need for such a function in the first place and doesn't see her move as a promotion at all. What can she do to get him on side?

Surviving a bullying boss

Laura Crawshaw | 18 June 2008

Linda's experience with an aggressive, abrasive boss epitomizes the distress and confusion that bullying causes in the workplace. The Boss Whisperer, Laura Crawshaw, has some invaluable advice to help Linda deal with her predicament.

My ex-boss won't stop sandbagging me

Rob Yeung | 21 May 2008

Eric's ex-boss seems to be hell-bent on destroying his reputation and needs some help to change the perception others have of him. Dr Rob Yeung suggests a strategy which can help him.

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