Work-Life Balance

Proper vacations are all about teamwork

19 Jul 2022 | Wayne Turmel

Far too many of us (especially Americans), don't use all our vacation time. But taking time off to recharge our batteries helps the whole team, so making sure that happens is a team effort, too.

We all need proper vacations

30 Jul 2019 | Peter Vajda

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Everyone needs a proper holiday. Taking real time out from work is a non-negotiable necessity if we're to to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul.

Relaxing while flying

03 Apr 2018 | Duane Dike

Each time I get in a plane, I sit back and relax, because there not much else to do. What Iím getting to here is we have to learn to relax - and also learn how to separate work from non-work.

Plate overflowing? Learn how to say 'no'

03 Feb 2014 | Dan Bobinski

We all need boundaries. So if you're feeling overloaded, overbooked and overwhelmed, perhaps it's time to regain a sense of sanity and learn how to say 'no'.

Exercise can help your work-life balance

13 Jan 2014 | Brian Amble

The role that exercise can play in helping to reduce stress is well-known. But new research has found that exercise also helps us 'detach' from work and can empower us to feel that we have better work-life balance.

Time out: why leaders need vacations

26 Aug 2013 | Duane Dike

Why do so many leader-types refuse to take proper holidays? Fresh back from a well-earned break, Duane Dike wonders what message that sends and explores the roadblocks Ė perceived or actual Ė that stop us leaving the office behind.

Flexibility trumps financial rewards

22 Apr 2013 | Brian Amble

The millennial generation are less interested in how much a job pays than they are in having workplace flexibility and a sensible work-life balance, a new study has found.

The benefits of workaholism

17 Jan 2012 | Brian Amble

A recent paper by a Rouen Business School professor argues that while it may be an addiction, workaholism can also lead to positive outcomes for individuals, business and society.

Work-life balance claims are so much hot air

15 Sep 2011 | Brian Amble

Many employers might claim they support work-life balance initiatives but a new report suggests that much of this is just so much hot air, with a yawning gap between what managers say and how they behave in practice.

A long day's journey

14 Jul 2011 | Emma Murray

We know that commuting is bad for us: bad for our health, for our wallet, and for our state of mind. However, we may not have considered that commuting might also be bad for our relationships.

Americans need more holidays, says Richard Branson

28 Jun 2011 | Brian Amble

A big thumbs up to serial entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, founder and chairman of the Virgin Group, who thinks that the pitiful amount of holiday American workers are given 'stinks' and believes American business need to be much more open to workforce flexibility.

Flexible working keeps mothers in the workforce

27 Jun 2011 | Brian Amble

If employers are serious about wanting to encourage women to return to work after having children, one of the most important things they can do is to offer new mothers greater flexibility about when, where and how they work.

Vacation? What vacation?

03 Jun 2011 | Peter Vajda

The dividing line between work and leisure is becoming more blurred than ever Ė and most of those who do go away on vacation will remain electronically tethered to their work. But as Peter Vajda reminds us, that's not a spiritually, emotionally, physically or psychologically healthy place to be.

Four out of 10 suffer post-holiday stress

23 Jul 2010 | Brian Amble

If the thought of what's waiting for you at work when you return from your summer holiday is enough to make you wish you hadn't gone away in the first place, then you're not alone.

Flexible working tops benefits wish-list

01 Jun 2010 | Brian Amble

Flexible working is the most valued benefit for employees, proving far more popular than material perks such as bonuses, according to a new survey carried out in the UK by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Summer vacation or a time to work?

29 May 2010 | Peter Vajda

Today's workplaces are full of growing numbers of disengaged, unproductive, underperforming, exhausted, unhappy, depressed and electronically-addicted employees. Blurring work and vacation is one reason for this. Taking time for one's self is a non-negotiable 'must' to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Better work-life balance boosts the bottom line

14 Oct 2009 | Brian Amble

Organisations that help their staff achieve a good work-life balance earn 20 per cent more per year from each employee, according to new research carried out in the UK.

Surviving the post-vacation blues

06 Jul 2009 | Bryan Alaspa

It's great to get away on holiday for a while, but all too soon the vacation is over and you have to return to work. How do you survive that transition?

Full time dad? No chance

31 Mar 2009 | Derek Torres

It seems that more and more men are staying home to raise the children. Knowing a thing or two about working and having children, I applaud this idea - but I can't see it really catching on.

Need a New Years Resolution?

29 Dec 2008 | Bryan Alaspa

Is the stress of your job wearing you out, keeping you away from home and driving you insane? What better time than the new year to make a resolution to balance your home life and your work life a bit better?