The Business of Sleep

Jul 23 2018 by Nicola Hunt Print This

Talking about sleep with Vicki Culpin, author of "The Business of Sleep", who has spent nearly 20 years researching the effects of reduced sleep and its relationship with productivity, employee wellbeing and effectiveness.

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Sleep is not a luxury and getting enough is fundamental to our personal health and well-being. A lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep can lead to some very real health disorders, not least of which are depression and poor memory retention. Yet research published in Harvard Business Review a couple of years ago found that that four out of 10 business leaders said they donít get enough sleep at least four nights of the week.

Today Iím talking sleep with Vicki Culpin, who is Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Ashridge Executive Education and the author of ďThe Business of Sleep: How sleeping better can transform your career,Ē published earlier this year by Bloomsbury.

Vicki specialises in well-being research and has spent nearly 20 years researching the effects of reduced sleep, the relationship between sleep, well-being and derailment and the relationship between sleep and resilience in management populations.

She explains why the personal and business case for getting more sleep has never been more pressing and how tackling sleep deprivation is one of the keys to improving productivity, employee wellbeing and effectiveness.

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