Letting go of control

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Hear about leadership based on credibility and trust rather than 'yell and tell'.

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Companies that cling onto traditional management are leaving latent talent untouched by controlling rather than supporting performance. Moving from the sort of control typical of hierarchically-organized companies, where managers ‘tell and yell’, isn’t easy. It demands more from leaders and more from employees.

Kevin O’Brien worked for W.L. Gore, a company famous for its absence of hierarchy - for seven years and over that time he learned a lot. He talks to Dawna about the personal journey that goes with letting go of control so that you gain greater meaning, higher engagement and leadership based on credibility and trust.

In this podcast you’ll hear Kevin talk about:

  1. The mindset shift he experienced and skills learned
  2. The assumptions he made about hierarchy in W.L. Gore, a company that had none
  3. The source of energy for higher performance
  4. How a boss-less company balances between autonomy and alignment
  5. The role of purpose in relationship to business culture and the real source of control.

Kevin now runs K.T. O’Brien Consulting to bring better workplaces to other companies so people can bring themselves to work. His mission? To help leaders and pioneers create a more beautiful world.

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Dawna Jones
Dawna Jones

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