The long distance teammate

Jan 19 2021 by Nicola Hunt Print This

We talk to Wayne Turmel about his brand new book, “The Long-Distance Teammate”, and how you can become a really effective member of a remote team.

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Long-time Management-Issues columnist, Wayne Turmel is the co-founder, with Kevin Eichenberry, of the Remote Leadership Institute, the number one place to find information and tools for leaders of remote and virtual teams. Wayne and Kevin have also just published their second book, “The Long-Distance Teammate”, which provides a new perspective on remote work by exploring the difference between simply ‘working from home’ and becoming a really effective member of a remote team. The three important areas it looks at are navigating personal and interpersonal relationships, growing the skills to be productive, and communicating effectively -- all of which are vital skills for the ‘new abnormal’ way of working that so many of us are now experiencing.

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