Rosie Tomkins and natural intelligence

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A conversation with leadership coach, Rosie Tomkins, about her new book "N-stinctive: The Power of Natural Intelligence" and the lessons all of us can learn from the natural world.

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Rosie Tomkins is an executive and leadership coach and the author of a new book, N-stinctive: The Power of Natural Intelligence, which unlocks the power of the natural world to provide strength and confidence to people who are shouldering huge responsibility.

The book helps individuals and teams to thrive and flourish by re-connecting with their own innate strengths and beliefs - the secret ingredient to performing at the top of their game and achieve outstanding personal and business success.

N-stinctive defines the missing, secret ingredient of leadership which Rosie calls Natural Intelligence (NQ). It draws upon her extensive knowledge, insights and practical experience in the field to provide a new perspective that she describes as a four-legged chair compared to the three-legged stool of traditional leadership training.

During a 30 year career, Rosie has been a successful entrepreneur, consultant and sportswoman as well as gathering a comprehensive knowledge of learning philosophies and experiencing their practical implication. As an executive and leadership coach, her clients range from the GB Olympic hockey and England rugby teams to the NHS and multi-national companies in the airline, engineering and pharmaceutical industries. She lives on a farm near Bath in the west of England.


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