Long Distance Leadership

Jul 31 2018 by Nicola Hunt Print This

We talk to our old friend and long-time Management-Issues columnist, Wayne Turmel, about his book "The Long Distance Leader - Rules for Remarkable Long Distance Leadership".

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Wayne Turmel was one of the early champions of remote working and remote leadership and now he’s written the book on it with his long-time collaborator, Kevin Eikenberry.

”The Long Distance Leader - Rules for Remarkable Long Distance Leadership” explores the subtle but often painfully different nuances of leading in this new world of virtual work. As he tells us in this conversation, the principles of leadership haven’t changed just because you’re not in the same physical location as those you’re working with, so it’s critical to focus on leadership behaviour first, rather than ‘the distance thing’, and then work back from that point.

Wayne and Kevin are the co-founders of The Remote Leadership Institute and Wayne has written literally hundreds of posts over the past decade for the Connected Manager series here on Management-Issues.com.


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