Surviving the post-vacation blues

Jul 06 2009 by Print This Article

It's summer (in the Northern hemisphere, at least), and that means people all over the world are taking holidays. But while it is great to get away for a while, all too soon, the vacation is over and you have to return to work. How do you survive that transition? According to an article at the American Management Association, there are steps you can take to make is a lot easier.

First, when you plan your vacation, also take time to plan your return. Maybe return from your vacation a day or two before you have to return to work. This could help "ease" you into the work schedule and getting back to the grind.

Second, you can start planning your next vacation as soon as you return from this one. It gives you something to work for and something to look forward to. It provides a "light at the end of the tunnel" and may help the return to work seem more bearable.

Third, maybe throw in a call to a co-worker or colleague before you come back. While thinking about work when you are on a vacation isn't much fun, getting the low-down on what's happened while you were gone can sure help. It can also cut off any potential surprises.

Finally, bring something back from your vacation and keep it on your desk. It can help ease stress and bring back pleasant memories when work starts getting to you.

Following these steps may not make your office life easier, but it can ease your transition back from the vacation state-of-mind to one of working. You needn't follow a relaxing vacation with intense stress if you plan accordingly.