When your boss hates you

Jan 20 2009 by Print This Article

Imagine that you walk into your bosses' office and ask why it is that he or she seems to be making your life so difficult. Now imagine that rather than mincing their words, your boss simply says that he or she is trying to force you to quit. How do you deal with that?

That is the tricky question the "Work Coach" advice columnist at Work Coach Cafe dealt with in one of her entries last year.

The writer to the advice columnist relates the scenario described above. She also states that her job is working for the state, a notorious place where those working often are just counting their time until retirement. She also says she has complained to those above her boss and received nothing in return. So what happens next?

According to "Sandra" the advice columnist there is little more that the employee can do than start looking for another job. She also reminds the audience that it is essential, from the first day at a new job, to start building alliances with those who are your managers or could potentially become your manager.

While the poor soul is looking for a new job, Sandra suggests she do her best to try and patch things up with her current boss. By looking at this as a chance to find a job she may really like she can turn that "positive energy" into something she can use in her current situation and, at the very least, make her remaining time there better.

Once your boss decides they have it in for you, there may be little you can do. By turning it into a chance to improve your own life you can at least try to turn that negative into a positive. It maybe the world and fate itself trying to tell you that it's time to find that new job you've always wanted.