The importance of explicit expectations

Karl Hebenstreit | 24 Jun 2024

The mantra for human effectiveness is “communication, communication, communication”. But without setting explicit expectations, communication on its own isn't enough.

How to lead with questions in cognitively diverse ways

Megan Seibel

Questions can be powerful leadership enablers. So it is worth taking time to understand the art of asking the right questions and creating a questioning culture when leading others.

Pause and allow

Neil Jurd

Being 'busy' is normally seen as a positive thing. But being busy has a dark side - stress, poor sleep, never having enough time to stop and think. So how can we learn to be effective without becoming overloaded?

The importance of age-inclusivity in hospitality

Penny Brown

Amid the ongoing labour shortage in the UK's hospitality industry, one positive sign is that the sector is attracting a growing number of over-50s workers, who now make up over a third of its workforce.

Global trends to watch in 2024

David Livermore

Building a more culturally intelligent world requires keeping an eye on what’s going on globally. So I can’t help but wonder what 2024 might hold for us and what trends we should be anticipating and watching.

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Can AI be trusted as an impartial recruitment partner?

Dan Adeline

The introduction of AI into the recruitment process has the potential to upset the balance between process and people, undermining diversity and fairness.

Why emotional intelligence is not enough

David Livermore

Emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence are like fraternal twins. They’re not the same person, but they share the same DNA and the family resemblance is unmistakable.

Managing across generations

Freya Owen

What can leaders can learn from the past to help to build better multigenerational workplaces in the future ?

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The Connected Manager

Managing performance on hybrid teams

09 Jul 2024

As hybrid working becomes more and more widespread, one of the biggest difficulties that has emerged is how to manage individual performance when some people are in the office more than others.

Surviving re-orgs and buyouts at a distance

06 Jun 2024

For people working remotely, an internal re-organization or an external buyout can be especially disconcerting and confusing.

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Leadership talent for decision-making

What Matters

A conversation with Aaron Mitchell Finegold, Chief Marketing Officer of global executive search firm, Kingsley Gate.

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Wake up to the omniployment era

New research from Henley Business School explores the different and diverse groups in today's workplace and the elements that attract or dissuade them from applying to a job.

Financial worries fuel rise in mental heath issues

On World Mental Health Day, here are some simple initiatives to help support mental wellness in the workplace.

Employers respond to staff demands for more benefits and flexibility

Despite pressure on budgets, the majority of UK employers are responding to staff demands for an expansion of benefits and flexible working.

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Have we learned anything new about leadership over the past few decades?

Team Building

How to put the "we" into a team.

The Change Challenge

Most change initiatives fail to deliver. Here's why.

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