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Wayne Turmel

Wayne Turmel

For almost 30 years, Wayne Turmel has been obsessed with how people communicate - or don't - at work. He has spent the last 20 years focused on remote and virtual work, recognized as one of the top 40 Remote Work Experts in the world. Besides writing for Management Issues, he has authored or co-authored 15 books, including The Long-Distance Leader and The Long-Distance Teammate. He is the lead Remote and Hybrid Work subject matter expert for the The Kevin Eikenberry Group. Originally from Canada, he now makes his home in Las Vegas, US.

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Managing performance on hybrid teams

09 Jul 2024

As hybrid working becomes more and more widespread, one of the biggest difficulties that has emerged is how to manage individual performance when some people are in the office more than others.

Surviving re-orgs and buyouts at a distance

06 Jun 2024

For people working remotely, an internal re-organization or an external buyout can be especially disconcerting and confusing.

Are America and Europe returning to the office in the same way?

18 Apr 2024

It has been four years since Covid caused a seismic change in how and where people work. But are North America and Europe handling this trend in the same way? The evidence says not.

What to do when youíre just not feeling it?

18 Mar 2024

Working remotely can be great, but it can also be isolating, especially on those days when youíre lacking motivation or just canít seem to get to grips with what needs to be done.

What to do if hybrid isnít working

27 Feb 2024

How are teamís hybrid working arrangements working out? Are they better or worse than you expected?

Communication is more than a transaction

17 Jan 2024

One of the biggest complaints about working remotely is that communication has become a series of transactions. But why is that a problem?

The critical factor for team collaboration

13 Dec 2023

It doesnít matter if your team is co-located, fully remote, or hybrid. Work slows if people canít get access to the critical information they need to do their jobs.

Beware these remote management biases

17 Nov 2023

We all have biases that occasionally get us in trouble. And that's as true in a remote management context as it is in any other workplace setting.

Who is working from home (and who isn't)?

18 Oct 2023

Why do some people work from home and others prefer (or have no choice but) to work in the office? The reasons are more varied than you might think.

Inclusion is the key to engagement

07 Sep 2023

How do you keep employees engaged when they arenít interacting with colleagues every day? The answer is to try to include them whenever the opportunity arises.

Great expectations?

05 Jul 2023

An issue many managers come up against on remote or hybrid teams is that there are fewer opportunities to inspect peoples' work in person, or on-demand. Dealing with this is all about expectations.

The great mismatch?

04 Apr 2023

First was "the Great Resignation." Then there was "Quiet Quitting." But the latest buzzword flying around to help us understand the changing workplace is "the Great Mismatch."

Leaders, teammates, and teams

09 Mar 2023

The trend for remote work was rising for years before the COVID tsunami hit. But now we've passed that first big wave of change, what will teamwork look like going forward?

We're at a post-Covid inflection point. Now what?

17 Feb 2023

Three years of Covid-inspired disruption to the way work is done has left uncertainty in its wake. But waving a magic wand and saying, "we're going back to the way things were," isn't going to work for a number of reasons.

Company culture: the bigger picture

24 Jan 2023

How do we judge a company or team's culture? What role does working together physically play in creating it? Maybe more important, and harder to answer - how do we know?

Does working remotely make work less toxic?

13 Dec 2022

Some unwelcome workplace behaviors disappear when we work remotely. But when the way we work changes, so do the ways we manage to annoy and undermine each other.

Enough of all this 'quiet quitting'

19 Oct 2022

Every once in a while, the business press gets hold of an idea and works it like a dog with a sock until it's unrecognizable. Such is the case with 'quiet quitting'.

Proper vacations are all about teamwork

19 Jul 2022

Far too many of us (especially Americans), don't use all our vacation time. But taking time off to recharge our batteries helps the whole team, so making sure that happens is a team effort, too.

Onboarding on hybrid teams

03 May 2022

Bringing people onto a hybrid team presents all the challenges associated with an office-based team, as well as many of the challenges that come with a fully remote team.

Can you work from home and still have a career?

21 Mar 2022

Everyone knows that if you work from home once everyone else returns to the office, you've obviously decided your career doesn't matter. Right?