What To Do When Leadership Is Needed

What To Do When Leadership Is Needed: A workbook for managers who aspire to become leaders is an inspiring yet practical book on leadership that should be on every managers bookshelf. BobSelden has an enormous depth of knowledge in the management and leadership space and you can see this coming through in this book.

The range of stories that Bob has curated give a fantastic all round view of what effective leadership is in action. One of his key points that comes out of his stories is that there are no "one size fits all' model to leadership -- there is no cookie cutter approach. The examples he gives shows that the real skill of leadership is being able to assess unique and new situations and work out what is required as a leader. The true leader is adaptable and able to provide the leadership that is required now for that particular situation.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to hone their leadership skills in a way that is authentic to them and effective for their team.

Philip Pryor, CEO & Founder, Family Business Central.