Decision Making for Dummies

Whether you are a senior leader or a beginning manager, Decision Making for Dummies is a helpful guide for the increasingly more difficult challenges of decision making in our rapidly changing world. Dawna Jones’ fresh approach shows business leaders how to effectively integrate analytical data and intuitive intelligence to solve the paradoxical problems of digital age businesses.

Recognizing that there is a wide range of organizations from traditional “command and control” to more innovative “bossless” companies, the author provides a comprehensive toolkit that will enable all of her readers to improve their decision-making skills. Filled with practical methodologies for today’s business environment, this book presents the essential tools for decision making in our unique and unprecedented times.

Rod Collins, author, Wiki Management, a Revolutionary New Model for a Rapidly Changing and Collaborative World.

Decision Making for Dummies offers systematic approaches for making and communicating decisions in the highly complex, rapidly changing business environment we’re facing today. Stressing the importance of paying attention to both long-term and short-term focus, the author makes a critical recommendation to decisions-makers - to move away from “either/or” thinking to using the word “and” instead.

In her book, Dawna Jones provides step-by-step guidance on how to evaluate and integrate data from various sources, including intuitive understanding. For effective decision-making in organizations, the author recommends making sure to develop and enhance the following key ingredients:

1) a common language in the organization,

2) a good workplace culture, and;

3) self-knowledge of the decision-maker.

Integrating analytical and intuitive decision-making approaches and offering specific techniques to work with emotions as data, Decision Making for Dummies will prove valuable to a wide range of decision-makers in all different types of organizations.

Benay Dara-Abrams, Great Work Cultures