Staying Sane in Business

Sanity at work. Is that really possible? We’ve all been there: stuck, frustrated, even despairing. But what can we do? How can we break the cycle? Moving forward seems impossible, but why?

This ground-breaking book sheds new light on the factors contributing to our psychological well-being and personal effectiveness at work, drawing on insights from the dual disciplines of psychology and psychotherapy.

In a fresh and innovative way, the authors take the most relevant ideas from both, using theories and concepts only to the extent that they tell us something useful about our make-up, or are helpful in enabling us to change. They then distil these ideas down into an easy-to-read and highly practical book, which is full of tips, tools and techniques for remaining (or achieving!) sanity in the world of work.

‘Staying Sane in Business’ is split into two parts. The first part unpacks the contributing factors to psychological well-being at work: self-knowledge, how we react under pressure, the importance of our relationships, the impact of our mood and a valuable chapter on how people can go about getting further help and support through engaging a coach or psychotherapist. The authors are at pains to point out that engaging someone to help you is a sign of strength and not a weakness.

Part two of the book is then an extensive collection of practical resources: things to do, watch, listen to and read. Some resources are serious, some are entertaining, but all are thought-provoking and relevant to the matter in hand.

'Staying Sane in Business ' is an inspirational and highly enjoyable read which I would commend to anyone, at any point in their career, and however ‘sane’ they are currently feeling at work.

Helen Weston is an Independent Chartered Psychologist and Counsellor